Tuku Waho” means “Outdoor Adventures” in Maori, the aboriginal people from New Zealand. It was there in New Zealand where we got passionate about the idea of sharing epic adventures to enable other people to dream about outdoor adventures and help them making those dreams come true. Being alone in nature for a week, skiing untouched glaciers, surfiing with dolfines, climb illustre peaks with your friends; it just makes you feel alive! 
And everybody deserves to live! is the starting point for your next epic outdoor experiences. Whether you need last-minute advice for a weekend trip next week, just some inspiration for your next holiday, or you want to plan a once-in-lifetime epic adventure with friends; we’ll help you make those dreams come true.



Nature & Hunting

Understanding Nature and it’s wildlife helps us understanding our selves. Not only does Nature offer us beautiful surroundings, close to our cities, or far far away from civilization, but it also gives us insights on purest forms of behavior, development and interaction. Everyone should spent a significant amount of time in and around our Nature.
Featured trips:
Rumania, Belarus, Holland, Germany, Scotland.

Hunting, Photography, Wildlife, Cooking


Once you’ve ride your first wave, you’re hooked. Be able to use the sea’s gift; the beautiful lines of swell caused by depressions and reaching our shores, is an unique feeling of freedom. Even Though not easy to master, being in the water is never a waste of time. From the modest spots in Holland to the very popular swells like Bells Beach in Australia.
Featured trips:
Wijk aan Zee (Holland), New Zealand, Australia, Spain/Portugal, France

Surfing, Longboard, Shortboard, SUB

Skiing & Snowboarding

We don’t have to evangelize the beauty of skiing and snowboarding. Lots of people look for fresh snow every season and spend time in the mountains. And the good thing is that it gets only more epic if you realize how much more outdoor adventures there are waiting for you at the mountains around the world
Featured trips:
Japan, Canada, European Alps, Iceland.

Tour-skiing, Heli-skiing, Powder training, Ski-safari. 


You never feel so small and vulnerable when climbing to a mountain peak. Not only because of the physical and mental challenge, but also it gives honest insights on the presence of human being on this earth. Challenge yourself and your friendships by hiking and climbing beautiful hills or notorious mountain peaks.
Featured trips:
Mt Blanc, Monta Rosa, Aosta, New Zealand

Day trails, Overnight trails, Glaciers, (non)- guided

Mountain Biking

Exciting, adrenaline booster and easy access to some outdoor moments; you can do mountain biking everywhere, no excuses. And it can get at least as epic as other outdoor experiences. From crazy downhill tracks to romantic uphill trails, there’s an adventure for everyone.
Featured trips:
Ardennes, European Alps, New Zealand

Day trails, Multiday tours, (non)- guided


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The team

Arnoud Haverlag

Arnoud Haverlag

Adrenaline Officer

I'm an Amsterdam based adrenaline junky, skier, passionate hunter, beginning surfer, wannabe pianist, enthusiastic traveler, startup founder and aspirant angel investor.

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Winette Brinkkemper

Winette Brinkkemper

Outdoor Junky

I'm an experienced surfer (longboard), passionate snowboarder, jellyshot manufacturer and Amsterdam based lawyer.

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Partners, Certificates & Licenses


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